mojoca since 2007

mojoca (モジョカ)とは、九州の方言で“かわいい”という意味。
熊本市在住の革作家、 西 ひとみ が創造する、上質なイタリアンレザーをメインに使用した、ハンドステッチのぬくもりを感じる革製品のブランドです。
ぜひいつか、お会いできる機会があれば、沢山の方々に、あなただけの mojoca を手にとっていただければと思います。

mojoca ,the meaning in the dialect of Kyushu called "cute".
Leather is a brand of leather feel that was used to main writer, pupil west to design, fine Italian leather,
the warmth of hand-stitched. For one person to have been fabricated from a design and has received a lot of
time to complete the work of one.
However, the resulting work is only one thing of any in the world. Things do not have the same shape.
I think someday, in a lot of people, and if it is possible for the hand you just mojoca means.